my name ain’t Susan

My name ain’t Susan

I have been listening to the great Whitney Houston. She is so missed. Such a talented voice. Gone too soon.

I didn’t wake up today despite setting my alarms to go to the lab. I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I am still sleepy and might go back to bed. I got to brush my teeth when I did get up. I had some coffee and some pancakes.

I tried napping but I couldn’t. I made a turkey Brie and cranberry sauce wrap. It was amazing. I have wanted it for so long. I had bought some at the market where I sometimes go shopping in the Square. It took me a while to get the ingredients together. I am glad I got to make it at home when I can have it whenever.

Listening to Whitney’s album stirred up some emotions. Mostly sad ones because she died the way she did. I often wonder if I will die by suicide too. My father’s birthday is this week. He would have been 90. I am glad he isn’t living in the world today. He would not be mask compliant. I miss him though.

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