groceries and being tired

Groceries and being tired

This morning I ordered my deliveries and it was supposed to come between 3-4p. It didn’t come till 420p. I had the help of my niece to bring the stuff upstairs. I still need to bring the drinks to my room. There are a lot. Unfortunately, the thyme I bought wasn’t what I expected. I think I am gonna have to go to the store to get what I need.

I had therapy and it went ok. She agreed to write me a letter of support. Then we just talked about depression. I didn’t feel like learning a new skill. She said that the skill had to due with the one she gave me and I just couldn’t handle it. I brought up the suicidal mode thing that I had in my new notebook and she wasn’t interested in it. I give up trying. She said that was “out of therapy work”. I finally realized this individual therapy is just that. There is no team in it like it was in the past. This therapist doesn’t want more than 45 mins of my time and I can’t have more than that.

I think I have brought up the last bottles for the night. My leg has flared up again. I’m depressed. I had left over Chinese food and it was so salty. I couldn’t eat it all and tossed what I couldn’t eat.

I meant to mail a package for a friend but I never left the house. I might do it tomorrow morning if I am up. I haven’t really left the house since PT ended. I didn’t shower today but I did brush my teeth. I am still trying to figure out when I am going to shower. Maybe tomorrow if I don’t feel like shit.

2 thoughts on “groceries and being tired

  1. Hows your leg now? Are you feeling better? I hope so!
    sorry your therapist wasn’t interested in what you had in your notebook. I really think therapy is a team effort, or it should be.

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