Sunday Blog 03042022

Sunday Blog 03042022

For some reason I couldn’t sleep last night. I was playing with my phone and then I went on Paramount + and saw they had Frasier and at 430a I watched an episode. After that I went to bed but I woke up an hour later. I played with my phone again as I had some messages and then I went back to sleep and slept for another hour. I decided to get up and have coffee and something to eat. I had half a sleeve of shortbread Girl Scout cookies and then I made three eggs with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. I also made some toast. It was good I think I put too much cheese as it took a while for it to cook. I then went back to my room and snoozed until my mother called me to see if I was alright. The flares have calmed down for now but I am just feeling wicked tired.

I had to empty my bladder but I didn’t until I finished my 2nd cup of coffee with the rest of the sleeve of cookies. I rinsed out my cup and then went upstairs. I filled my med boxes for the week. I found an old bottle of lisinopril from 2020 so I used that. I have 4 bottle of labetalol so I won’t need a prescription for it for a while. I still have plenty of gaba. I consolidated where I could.

After that I stocked my catheters on my bureau and then used the box so I could mail out some stuff for a friend of mine who lost her dog. I had bought her a card, which of course I forgot to put in before I sealed the box. I had to open the box again to put the card in. Idiot I am. I then went to the USPS site as my app was having problems on my laptop to pay for shipping and get a label. Tomorrow I will take a trip to the post office and drop it off. I think I will go before therapy. I find that if I do things soon after I wake up, there is a better chance of things getting done than if I wait till afternoon.

Tomorrow I got to return a call to my catheter company for some samples. A representative called and left me a message Friday but I didn’t feel like talking. I don’t know why she just didn’t respond to the damn email. Hate when they call instead.

I am down to my last bottle of Powerade. Gatorade is gone. 28 oz just doesn’t last as long as 32 oz. I hope I get my Covid Snap tomorrow. I was supposed to get it today but today is Sunday and I don’t think deposits go through. I have been trying to drink more water but sometimes I just need the sugar of the Powerade or Gatorade. I’ve been trying to just take my meds with the stuff rather than with water because the pills dissolve easily with water than they do with the other stuff.

I need to shower today. I haven’t brushed my teeth but I did last night before bed. Right now my pain levels are low so I think taking a shower now is better. I might feel better after. I just hope my back doesn’t cramp up. I want to shave and I think I have enough energy for it. I will keep my mustache though and the little tuff under my chin. It’s cool today. I am getting a soft wind through my AC. It is cooling my room off. I am not cold yet but if the temp drops, I will be. It’s 45 degrees right now.

I have a lot of appointments this week. Therapy, group, dentist (which I might cancel), Blood donation, and urodynamic testing. Long week. The only two things I am worried about is the blood donation and UDS. My hemoglobin was low on my last blood count so I am worried I might not be able to donate. The UDS is with a new/old doctor that creeps me out. And he will be seeing my genitals. Just hope he doesn’t have to touch me. There will be a nurse that usually does all the set up for the testing. Just hope it is the same nurses that I had before in my previous testings.

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