Saturday Blog 30042022

Saturday blog 30042022

I had a rough night trying to get to sleep last night. Around 2330 or so, I started getting the spaghetti feeling in my arm. It kept flailing on me and my leg with it. I took some Benadryl and waited. When that didn’t work, I took some Ativan. I think by 0100, I was settled down enough to sleep. My med alarm went off at 0815 but I shut it off and went back to sleep. I didn’t get up till around 1300. I was surprised my bladder wasn’t ready to explode but I had no feeling. When I did void, it took forever to empty. I should have cathed.

I had my coffee and what was left of the lemon cake. I am not hungry but I know I should eat. My mother is making vegetables before they go bad, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. I want to order Chinese but I don’t think I can stomach it right now. I really don’t have hunger at all. I just want to go back to sleep.

My mother made chicken with the vegetables she made. I did end up ordering Chinese food because I wanted Lo mein. Plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. The house stinks of the cauliflower. My nephew opened the door but my mother got cold and shut it. She never leaves the door open long enough for the smells of cooking to leave. And she never uses the vent while cooking either.

I realized last night that I went from three appointments next week to five, with two on Mon. I am going to be exhausted. Three are virtual and two are in person. Wed I have no appointments so I can rest up that day.

Someone wrote an article on The Mighty about CRPS What My Doctors Never Told Me About Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome | The Mighty. I can relate 100% to it but it fails to mention the loss of being able to work. It briefly mentions how activities needs some down time on “good” days, which I don’t think is very accurate. It is very difficult to know a good day from a bad one. Monday regardless if I am having a good or bad day I still need to see my doctor. I know the appointment is going to take a lot out of me. It is an hour (depending on traffic) to get there, figure an hour of being there waiting for the doctor then actually speaking with the doc and being examined, then an hour or more ride home. One appointment equals three hours. That is a long time. I just bought some dates and I hope I remember to bring some with me so I don’t let my blood sugar drop. The doctor’s office is at an office complex with no place to stop to eat or get something to drink.

I was able to stay up till the top of the 9th inning last night. Sox were leading 3-0 most of the game. We won 3-1, our 9th win. I am not feeling so tired today so I might be up all 9 innings. Nate is pitching tonight. Hope he is nasty.

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