94 degrees and no AC

94 degrees and no AC

I am dying in the heat. I can’t order a new one until Tues. I found out what my sister said as I had blocked her and the stupid text came in as a download that I couldn’t download to see. I had to ask my niece to send me what she wrote. I got mad but I realized it was because I am disabled and in chronic pain for the last ten years. I wrote to my therapist about it, hoping to talk about it tomorrow. I only wrote to her so I don’t forget.

I see ortho this week. I still cannot hold my full glass water bottle with my left arm. It is too heavy. But then I haven’t been able to lift weights because of my bicep issue.

I went to the pharmacy today and the walk killed my legs. The lactic acid that built up while walking was terrible. By the time I reached my house, I wasn’t using the right muscles for walking. I could feel my body shift to the side muscles for support because the calves were just aching with lactic acid. I was out of breath, again. I had to sit on my porch for a bit to rest. Temps weren’t in the 90s yet but I was sweating really bad.

I listened to the Sox win their first extra innings game. They won in the 10th with a grand slam. Best way to win a game! Thunder started roaring before the game ended and I was worried they weren’t going to finish it. But it is over now. T-storm is headed this way. My ankle and foot are telling me so as they are buzzing very intensely. I hope it cools off some.

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