Saturday Blog 11062022

Saturday Blog

I woke up after having some weird dreams about going to the Science Museum while I was in high school. I was a freshman again and our class went to the museum that day. I lost my group as I dozed off and was with some other group. I didn’t know anyone as I was new. I kept dozing off, which was weird because every time I dozed I sort of woke up, went back to sleep to continue the dream, then wake up again. So odd.

Anyways around 7 I gave up and got up. I took my meds and went downstairs to have breakfast and coffee. I watch Facebook videos of pups. The one that I love was a pitbull that had foster pups at the house and the dog didn’t mind one bit. One of the pups starting chewing the dog’s ear and he was loving it. It was so precious. I watched the video several times before moving on to another one. Pitbulls are my favorite dog type.

After breakfast, I started to feel dizzy and lightheaded, like I was going to pass out. No one was up yet but I had my phone. I waited a little bit but I wasn’t getting better. I needed to lie down. I slowly made my way to my room, being careful on the stairs. Soon as I was settled on my bed, I took my blood pressure. It was really low 88/55. I drank some Powerade and then put on a timer to go off in 15 mins to have more fluids. I laid down in bed and tried to rest but I kept thinking what was causing this. Only thing I can think of is that the muscle relaxer and my blood pressure medication was interacting, dropping my pressure. About an hour later I retook my blood pressure and it was on the button of being low at 90/60. I am still drinking fluids every fifteen minutes to try and raise it up. I am glad I have a catheter with a bag. If I still feel dizzy, I will use that to empty my bladder rather than go down the stairs. I will just empty it when I am feeling better.

Well this sucks. I wanted to go to Starbucks again and read my book. I guess I will just read my book in bed. Hope this attack passes. Yesterday I didn’t feel different at all but then I slept most of the day as I was up half the night again. I didn’t watch the game last night as I was sleeping. It was on really late but when I got up around 3am to pee, I saw the score. They won again. I was so happy. I went back to sleep after I posted and recorded the win.

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