long doctor appt and I am wiped out

Long doc appointment and I am wiped out

I saw a doc from the weight center today and omg, it was such a long ass appointment that left me wanting to jump off the tobin. I had specifically told them I was not into having weight surgery. Said so beginning of the appointment. He recommended surgery. And as that wasn’t what I fucking wanted, he didn’t give me too many alternatives. Meds weren’t an option because I have little to no appetite most days. He wanted me on metformin but I heard too many thing about side effects and plus, I wasn’t near the diabetic scale so no reason for me to be on it. He did thankfully offer a dietitian appointment so maybe I can eat something called healthy. He said to come back in two months to see where we are. Ugh, if I am not satisfied with the dietitian, I am not going back to him.

All I wanted to do after the appointment was sleep. It took a lot out of me. The guy was wondering why I didn’t see a sleep specialist but seeing as most of my reasons for not sleeping are psych related, why bother. I don’t think a sleep specialist will help with bad dreams and waking up having to go pee a couple times during the night. Last night’s sleep was better. I only woke up once and was able to get back to sleep. Turning on my “do not disturb” function has helped keep me off my phone so I can actually get back to my pillow.

I have one more appointment this week for neuro. It is just after the crack of dawn (also known as 930am to most people) so I will most likely take a cab into town. Not sure if I will take one back home or take the T. it will depend on how I feel after the appointment.

My niece was able to go to the pharmacy for me. I still got to go tomorrow to pick up my BT meds as the fucking idiots lied to me again saying they were in stock when they weren’t. I asked three times and was told each time they had both in stock. Then I get a call yesterday saying nope, sorry only one was in stock the other we didn’t have enough of. Bastards. I go through this every fucking month. Last month I had to go to a different pharmacy because they didn’t have enough I didn’t have enough to cover until Mon.

I’ve had a headache since just before the grueling doc appointment. I had taken some Tylenol. It helped a little bit but now it is back again. I am also nauseous so I hope this isn’t a migraine. Sox are playing the Tigers. I’m not up to listen the ballgame so will just peep on the internet to see how they are doing.

One thought on “long doctor appt and I am wiped out

  1. I take metformin. I havent had bad side effects from it. But when you start it you are likely to have diarrhea and nausea, at least I did. Now I take Trulicity also, its an injection for weight loss. ❤


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