Exciting news!!!

Exciting news!!

After months of anxiety waiting for my top surgery consult appointment to happen, today was the day! I had made plans last week with my therapist about what to do if things went poorly and surprisingly, having those things in place helped my anxiety for the week. However this week was a clusterfuck of anxiety as I have had to deal with my pain meds needing prior authorization, caths still needing documentation for a complete order, and fighting with the weight center to get an appointment with a dietitian.

Before I left for my appointment, caths were approved so the rest of my order is being shipped today. I will get them next week. I made the appointment with the dietitian the other day after I have to sign some paperwork as Medicare won’t cover the claim. My prior authorization was still pending when I called so I have to call tomorrow to find out if it has been approved. I forced myself to have something to eat before I left so I made a scrambled egg sandwich. Then it was time to go.

For the first time since I have been using the cab company for my appointments, the cab was late. I was late for my appointment and was freaking out. I got there fifteen minutes late and of course I had new patient paperwork to fill out. I don’t know why they have these forms for someone who has their care at the hospital. You’re basically rewriting your medical record into these papers. The only thing that I had to sign was the consent to be photographed for before and after operation.

The surgeon came in with a scribe and someone else. He didn’t make introductions. Just got right to the point. He was really handsome and nice. He went over the procedure and things. I don’t think I will be getting dog ears, just drains which I will I be able to do myself. I won’t need nursing care to come to the house. And then he left. I WILL BE GETTING TOP SURGERY!! I got dressed and then went out of the room asking what to do. His NP introduced herself and then lead me to the scheduling coordinator. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like fifteen minutes for everything. I will be having the surgery in Dec. In September, they will put the claim through to my insurance. If approved, I can move up the date if I want.

I walked to the station rather than call a cab home as I needed to go to the pharmacy to give them my insurance information. I am using a new pharmacy this month as the other one never seems to have my meds in stock. I run out Sun so I need to make sure there are no glitches by tomorrow. When I got to the pharmacy, there was already dates on when I could get my meds so they couldn’t process them yet. I have no idea if the prior authorization went through. The lady I spoke with today said to check the website. I did when I came home and had no PAs pending so I think I am almost all set. Just need to call tomorrow to confirm. I am nervous as fuck about this. It is a new dose as my pcp changed things around.

I am so tired but I should be able to sleep good tonight. I can’t wait till I see my therapist on Mon. I just hope I am not in a brain fog like I was our last session. It is in the afternoon and I can lose energy around that time.

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