a do nothing Friday

A do nothing Friday

I had good dreams for once. I dreamt I had a tabby kitten and it stayed with me in my room. I tried to get someone to stay in bed with me but they didn’t want to. I had the kitten beside me. My sisters were doing their thing and I was with my kitten.

I woke up late. I had shut off my alarms intending to wake up before noon but that didn’t happen. My bladder woke me up after 12. Then when I came back to bed, my bowels woke me up. I hurried to the bathroom as it was one of those wake up calls. I decided to stay up after that wake up call. I had my coffee and conversation with my niece and sister, who was actually civil with me today.

After coffee, I needed to brush my teeth and shower. I am pissed someone keeps using my benzoyl peroxide wash. I found it in the shower along with my shaving cream. Nice I am providing for my family. I had a good shower with no pain for once. I might shave later today. The acne on my chest is clearing up finally. I still need to put some benzoyl stuff on my neck. I have like three big acne things on it. It was going away but then flared up again. I think me sweating and rubbing my neck caused a flare up.

I am tired despite sleeping ok. I have no messages from my pcp today so that is good. I don’t know if the vaginal culture came back yet. I will check later. My urine culture came back negative so that is good.

I keep saying I am going to put my recycles in the bag but I have yet to do it. I just have it in a pile. I want to clear my bed off so I can change the sheets. I might try this weekend. I am listening to Sparks Fly album by Taylor. I just listened to Haunted and was really listening to the lyrics. They are so wonderfully put together. I thought about putting the song on repeat. I might do it if it comes on again.

As I am still contemplating putting the recycle away, I think I am going to read tonight at least two chapters. I haven’t touched the book since last week and I almost done with it. I am tempted to read American Revolution next as I haven’t read a history book in a long while. I have mostly read psychology books this year.

I can’t believe how exhausted I am just taking a shower. I know it has been because I spent most of Wed out at the hospital and in the ED. Then yesterday I went out to get my prescriptions. I am in pain right not because my damn feet keep cramping and I don’t know why. I have been taking tizanidine intermittently as I don’t want my blood pressure to drop. I have taken it at night because I can just go to sleep if my blood pressure drops.

I haven’t eaten yet. I had my last fig bar with my coffee. I don’t know if I am going to have a bowl of cereal or make a veggie burger. I bought “ultimate” veggie burgers. There was two in a package and all it is a thick black bean burger. Not worth the money. I won’t buy them again.

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