dentist and other stuff

Dentist and other stuff

I slept later than I wanted to so I put my alarm back on for 1100. My bladder was close to bursting so I hurried to the bathroom. I then took my morning meds and checked Twitter. I needed coffee, strong coffee. I went downstairs and made coffee and oatmeal. I still had a couple of hours before my dentist appointment so I went back upstairs. I thought about going to the square to get my meds and then go to the appointment but I had to charge my phone. So I went to the dentist then to the square.

The cleaning went ok. I still had a few cavities and an old filling came out. The dentist was really booked so it won’t be till Oct that I can have my teeth filled. Fine with me. I had twenty minutes before the bus came. I listened to folklore.

While my phone was charging I decided to shave. I also brushed my teeth.

I am really tired. I was going to order food but it was late when I came home and I was hungry. I made a microwave dinner. I was sweating really bad. My shirt was soaking wet. My ankle is throbbing really bad. I stood for way too long. It is going to be a long night with pain. I’m already starting to feel suicidal because of it. I am trying not to go into that spiral.

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