World Cup nonsense

World Cup nonsense

I spent two and a half hours watching the World Cup. I thought Argentina was going to win it as Messi scored the first goal. Then France came back in the second half and now they went to penalty kicks. I shut the game off. I hate watching penalty kicks. It is a dumb way to end a game. Just let them go into overtime until someone scores a goal. I think that is fair.

I had two cups of coffee, two helpings of my Shepard’s pie, and I made four bags of spinach. I think I overcooked it but it tastes ok. I am tired. I might take a nap and it is only 1pm.

My mother had her hip surgery this morning. She is recovering as well as can be. Now I just hope she can walk without pain. I hope she does the PT that is required or she isn’t going to heal right.

I start my own PT tomorrow. I hope that it stops the spasms I have been getting in my side and back. My ankle has been bothering me on and off since I have been home from the hospital. I think doing stairs has annoyed it. I was up in the middle of the night due to palpitations. My heart rate was in the 90s and then it dropped 20 points to give me anxiety. I had to take an Ativan to calm down. I stayed up for a bit and then went back to sleep.

I have therapy tomorrow. Not sure what I will talk about. Probably about how my mood sucks and I am not sure my tiredness is because I deconditioned or due to depression. I have been sleeping more. Been eating less. My mood have been ranging from really dark to bleak. Today I have been really tired and just want to stay under the covers. It took a lot to bring down some recycles. I can’t seem to do much else. I have no energy to try and straighten things in my room. There is something I read that doing just one thing each day adds up so I am going to try that. This way I don’t get overwhelmed.

I need to take a shower as it has been almost a week since I have taken one. It is so hard when I don’t have energy. I also need to trim my beard and cut my toenails. I hate self-care. I need to get a haircut. I got to text my barber Mon to see if he has any openings on Tues. I told my sister I would visit my mother Tues. She is on one above floor where I was. I hope she will be in less pain.

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