Therapy and PT and other things

Therapy and PT and other things

I woke up a little after 0930 to pee and then take my meds before having coffee. I had therapy and it went ok. She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I resolved to do at least two things a day to give myself something to do and had someone on facebook hold me accountable. I want to clear the area in front of my closet so I can get some button down shirts that I will need for my surgery recovery.

I have been tired all day. I told my therapist I have been sleeping more and have no motivation to do anything. She said it was the depression. I tried conveying to her that I essentially have a huge chunk of time on my hands until surgery and I don’t know what to do with myself but I don’t think I came across to her. It was sort of frustrating because there was nothing she could do for me. It is all up to me. And that is frightening to me.

I showered and brushed my teeth before I left for PT. I had to shower because it has been at least a week since my last one. It exhausted me but I couldn’t rest as I had to get dressed to catch the bus. PT was good. I didn’t tell the therapist I had overdosed. If she read it, that is fine but I wasn’t going to tell her. After her assessment, she said that I wasn’t in too bad a shape for being in the hospital for three months. There is some stuff to work on. She took my heart rate at the end and it was in the 120s. She had read that my heart rate was up. So she is going to keep an eye on it. Sometimes I can feel it and other times I can’t, like I didn’t know I was in the 120s. I had no palpitations or racing heartbeat. It is weird how sometimes I can feel it and other times, I can’t.

My mother is recovering from her hip surgery. I will see her tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know what time I will go. I am debating on getting a haircut then going but not sure. I haven’t decided yet. I have been listening to Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now all day. Such a good album. I have been flitting between Midnights and folklore. But today is Speak Now’s turn. I will probably listen to Rob Thomas’s someday and then Taylor’s Maroon, which is my new favorite song along with snow on the beach.

any thoughts?

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