a do nothing day

A do nothing day

I woke up when my alarm sounded. Then I said five more minutes and didn’t get up till 11. My appointment with PT was at 915. Oops. I had coffee. I thought I had therapy at 1400 but I got my day mixed up. It is tomorrow not today.

I haven’t done much of anything other than have coffee. I did manage to brush my teeth. I haven’t eaten anything yet. I am not really hungry. I might have Ensure just to have something in my stomach. My side is hurting today and I sent a message to my pcp about the palpitations. Something needs to be done about it. It is too anxiety provoking to wait for it to calm down on its own. My chest feels like it is going to implode. I have been going up and down the stairs a lot since my mother has been home from the hospital. I have to do down to the first floor to give her her blood thinner shot. I am already tired.

This is all I can write today. I am having memories flood me from when I was in the hospital and am not in good space. I feel so out of it.

any thoughts?

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