Saturday Blog 04032023

My mother is having a good day so far. I am exhausted having been up most of the night because my room was freezing as the storm brewed. I forgot to turn off my ceiling fan so it got pretty cold. Didn’t help that my sister kept going up and down the stairs as she left for her trip early this morning.

I am feeling run down. I have no energy. I started decreasing my calorie intake in an effort to lose weight before my surgery. Twenty-four days. I need to drink more as I think I got dehydrated last night. I felt dizzy and lightheaded. All I basically had was coffee and Ensure. No other fluids. I am going to try and drink some gatorade.

My room is still cold because of the wind. It seems to have stopped snowing. I need to do a little food shopping as I am out of my cookies that I like to have with my coffee. I’ll see if my cousin can take me to the store next week. I have a busy week next week. I have therapy, PT, and see my surgeon. I also have my pre-anesthesia phone call. I am nervous about seeing the surgeon. I am going to ask if I can be on the pain meds I was on before for post op pain.

My sisters are on a trip and won’t be back until the following Sunday. It just will be my niece and I taking care of my mother. We have a few hospice related visits next week as well. Hopefully it will be an easy week.

any thoughts?

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