Sunday Blog 05032023

Sunday Blog 03052023

I woke up earlier than I wanted because my mother wasn’t listening to my niece so I had to intervene. I gave her her meds this morning, including pain meds. She had a good day so far. She only laid down once while my aunt was here. I made her lunch. She only had half of a half a sandwich of tuna. She hasn’t been eating much the past few days.

I am tired as I didn’t sleep again last night. I was tossing and turning most of the night. I just couldn’t get comfortable. I had my usual two cups of coffee today. I think my Keurig is on its way out as the handle keeps making a weird clicking sound and sometimes doesn’t click when you close it. It has lasted three years. I don’t know the length of time it lasts but it still works for now.

My leg has been hurting most of the day today for some reason. I moved last night while turning over and my leg didn’t like it. I see PT on Tues so will have her look at it again. I might have pulled the same muscle or something. I feel like I twisted something though and it hurts. I need to put some heat on my thigh. It helped the last time.

I have therapy tomorrow. Some nurse is supposed to come and my aunt will be over again. I love my aunt but I wish she wouldn’t come over so much as she just wants to joke about everything and she tells the same things over and over again. She is in denial that my mother has memory issues and it is hard to deal with her when she insists my mother’s memory is fine when it isn’t. It bothers me so fucking much.

I still haven’t heard back from the financial aid office at UMB regarding my financial aid package. I think I will send them another email. I sort of have an idea of the courses that I will be taking in the fall. I am going to try for three courses and see if I can do it. If I am able, it would take 5 semesters to finish my degree.

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