Saturday Blog 18032023

Saturday Blog 18032023

I literally was in bed till around 430pm. I slept all day because yesterday I stayed up from 2 am till around 930pm. I took a new med called trazodone to sleep and even though I woke up around 1 to pee, I went back to sleep and didn’t get up again till 430.

I feel sad for some reason. I was watching Friends, the episode where Joey and Chandler get the foosball table and Ross finds out he is having a son. I miss the show. It was funny. I just feel so down. I wasted the day being in bed. I had some weird dreams. I probably won’t go to bed till late tonight. I plan on reading my book. I did my meds for the week. I had to skip the vitamins because it is now a week before surgery. My sisters asked me about it today and my bitch middle sister was like who is going to take care of you? I am on my own again. Hopefully the week after surgery will fly by without too much pain.

I have a busy week next week and I some how have to schedule in my grocery delivery so that I have food for after my surgery. I plan on having my drinks by my bed so I don’t have to carry them over to my bedside. That is going to be tough because I think I will have no lifting instructions post op but I don’t know the weight limit. I am sort of stressing over all the appointments that I have this coming week. I have therapy, pcp, eye appointment, and my advising for school in addition to PT and my haircut. I have two PT appointments next week. It will be the last of them. Can’t believe I have been going for almost three months now. I progressed a lot and can walk without getting winded. My back doesn’t hurt as well. I haven’t gotten spasms except when I shower. That hasn’t changed. Showering still exhausts me. I also sometimes get out of breath just from drying off.

The only thing I am worried about with after surgery is sweating. I sweat a lot and my chest is sometimes drenched with sweat when I wake up from sleeping. I just hope it doesn’t cause irritation or an infection with the bandages. I will be wearing a compression vest of some sort for a week with drains. I just hope I will be able to sleep. I am a side sleeper so I think I might have to sleep sitting up for a few days or so or maybe a week until the drains come out. I am not sure how the drains are going to be. I don’t want to squish them and have the body fluid on my sheets. I have to change my sheets next weekend. Gosh, I am so fricken excited and nervous and scared whenever I think about it all. I will finally be flat chested again! No more boobies!! I can build my pec muscles up when I recover. I plan on going to a gym to do this. I just hope my mother doesn’t need full on care while I recover because I might be a little out of it the first week.

I had a cup of coffee when I got up with my biscuits. The biscuits have been the only thing I have eaten all day. I just had my night time Ensure of 350 cals to take the Latuda. I am still sleepy though I am trying to stay up for a coupe more hours.

any thoughts?

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