Bad day and stuff

Today has been a difficult day. My mom’s sugar was low and even though we stabilized her sugar, it took a lot out of her. She became lathargic and has continued to be out of it. We called the hospice nurse who came the house to assess her. My mother just basically was passed out. She was adamant about not going to the hospital though. We are just trying to keep her comfortable right now.

I am doing better with pain. I emptied my drains this morning and kind of pulled on the left that hurt. It has been uncomfortable since. I’ve been taking pain meds to ease the discomfort as the ibuprofen did nothing. I am still having a lot of drainage on my right side. The left is about 20 cc whereas the right is about 50. It needs to be 30 or below in order for the drains to come out. I hope they can come out Monday.

Sox are losing. Sale gave up three home runs. It hasn’t been a good day. The weather is at least better than it was this morning.

I feel sad about my mother’s condition. I know it is just going to continue to go downhill. It is hard to see. I wish there was something more I could do for her but there really isn’t. The end of her life is near. It is upsetting. I just hope I can get my “kids” through this. My nephew was really upset and it was hard to see him cry. I wish I could take the hurt away.

I finished the Adler book I was reading. It was a good book. Now I am going to start a memoir called Committed about a psychiatry resident’s story. I like reading memoirs. The style of writing is always different.

any thoughts?

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