Day 3 post op top surgery

I am hurting today. Left side hurts. Surgeon’s office called. Gave me more pain meds. They want me to come in on Monday if my drainage is better. Still having a lot of fluid. I am tired today. I had a difficult time getting to sleep.

My aunts came over and talked non-sense. Really annoyed me. Then they gave my mother something to eat and was trying to sort out the insulin. Fucking fuck. My mother didn’t eat all of what they gave her, just a little bit. I knew she wasn’t going to eat the whole thing. Her appetite isn’t that great.

I am trying not to fall asleep. I am just resting on my bed. I might finish the Adler book I am reading. I think I have a chapter left. I should finish it sometime today. I don’t know what I am going to read after this book. Might be a baseball book. I haven’t decided.

I am not feeling well today. I feel so tired and blah. I am having pain and not sure what to do about it. I’ve taken ibuprofen and pain meds and tylenol. It has helped. I wish I was a little more alert. I just feel sluggish. I don’t feel sick, just run down. My right foot keeps cramping up on me when I lay down. I don’t know why. Aggravating me. Need to massage it or something.

I haven’t had a bowel movement since Monday. I might have to take miralax to get going. I just hope I can wipe myself. I am kind of restricted in my movement due to the vest. I also have bad pain on the left side when I move my arm or turn so I need to be careful. Just sucks.

any thoughts?

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