day 2 post op top surgery

Day 2 post op top surgery

I slept pretty good, about six hours from 3 to 9am. I had a hard time getting comfortable. I didn’t take any meds and woke up really sore. I just took Tylenol but in the afternoon, I had to take the pain meds. I was just in too much pain. I emptied the dishwasher and that wore me out. I am not having a good day today. It hurts to move my left arm or side. It is really painful.

I met with my psychiatrist today. It went ok. We talked about recovery and my mother. He didn’t want to increase the Effexor so we are staying at the current dose, which is fine with me. I see him in a few weeks from now to go over things again. I told him I was really sad about things. I am happy about my surgery but I still feel sad.

Sox had opening day today. They lost. They are off tomorrow and resume playing Saturday against the Orioles. They haven’t won an opening day game in such a long time. It is disappointing.

I washed up and changed my clothes today. I noticed some bruises on my chest from surgery. It wasn’t painful so I think it will be ok. I am still draining stuff. I don’t know when the stuff will stop. Hopefully by Tues when they are to come out.

I feel sleepy today. I tried to nap but couldn’t get comfortable. I hope I will be able to keep my therapy appointment on Monday. It is going to be a long 45 minutes sitting up. I was able to watch a movie so I think I will be ok. Least I hope I will be.

any thoughts?

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