I am a student again and other things

I am a student again and other things

I am now registered for two classes in the Fall. Registration was open today. I am glad all I had to do was checkout to register as I already picked out my classes. I had my drains and vest removed today. I am still wrapped with Ace bandages for compression as I will need that the next three weeks. The chest looks good and I am happy with the results.

Today when I got up this morning, the house felt really empty with my mother gone. I still can’t believe she is dead. I am so torn up. I’ve thought about her all day. I feel both sad and relieved. Last night was hard sleeping with her gone. I expected to hear her walker while I was up. Her phone still rings though I don’t know who is calling her. By the time I make it to the phone, they have hung up.

Moving on without her is not going to be easy.

any thoughts?

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