Saturday Blog 15042023

Saturday Blog 15042023

Today is Boston One Day. It is to commemorate the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing victims and those that died that day. It means so much to this city that we all pulled together and helped one another in the time of need.

The VNA came this morning. I didn’t shower like I had hoped. I was too tired. I couldn’t get going this morning. Maybe I will have better luck Monday. I just hope they come before my therapy appointment or after it. It isn’t on the schedule yet because for some reason my therapist’s schedule doesn’t load until that morning.

I am not planning on doing anything today but possibly clean up my recycle in my room and read my book. My chest is feeling heavy. It is nice outside. I might go on the porch later just to catch some fresh air. I am still waiting for the vouchers to come for cabs. I thought I would get them this week but they still haven’t arrived. Ugh. Tuesday I have to go into Boston to see my endocrinologist. It is a follow up appointment. I was supposed to get blood work but never did because things just got out of hand. I will get it done the following week as this week I have my T shot again.

I slept pretty good. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee but I was able to get back to sleep quickly. I am glad I didn’t stay up. Yesterday was a long day. I am still tired but I think it is because the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. I had two cups but I think I will need three to get things going. I haven’t eaten anything yet for lunch. My sister has leftovers so I am going to have some of that.

I got to go back to the eye store to get me new glasses adjusted. They are too tight and hurt the top of my ear. If they can’t fix them, I want another frame. Right now I am wearing a different frame and it feels better.

I watched a couple of episodes of Friends to take my mind of things. It helped. I love the show. It makes me laugh. I think I am going to read once I take my night time meds. I haven’t read in a few days. I took a good nap this afternoon. It was only a couple of hours but it felt so good. I want to lie down again. My head feels so heavy. I feel sad again. It sucks. I have a funeral thing for my mom on my bed. Every time I enter my room I see it. I have been thinking about her a lot. I still can’t believe she is gone.

I got to put all my recycling in a bag. I have it all on my bed and it fell on the floor. I have no energy to do it so it might happen later or tomorrow. I just want to sleep. I hope I am not up during the night again. I got to do my meds. Then I will read. It is a good book called Committed. I really like it.

any thoughts?

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