Laptop is wonky

I did a few errands and put on three loads of laundry. Came home and was wicked sad. House just feels so empty without my mother.i went to my room to write this blog and my laptop wouldn’t work. I am so frustrated with it. Restarts take forever. I think I might have to buy a new one.

It’s like 80 degrees out. I have the binder on. I put it on after I showered. I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up in the middle of the night again and didn’t get back to sleep till after I went pee at like 6am. Then the bowels woke me up around 1030. I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom on time. My chest feels heavy today and I was short of breath while walking. I think I have fluid in my chest again as my chest isn’t as flat as it was. It is hard though so it might just be healing. I’ll find out Thurs when I see the surgeon.

I am wicked tired. Wicked sad. I need to take my recycling downstairs. Tomorrow I don’t have to do anything. My allergies are wicked bad today. Nose is all congested and my eyes keep tearing. I got to use Flonase again. I get in a routine of using it and then forget a few days. Nose has been hurting me for some reason past few days. I hate this season but I hate summer more. Can’t deal with heat.

I tried calling PT to make an appt for my foot but my phone wouldn’t connect for some reason. I’ll try tomorrow.

any thoughts?

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