exhausting day 23052023

Exhausting day

I woke up again in the middle of the night and didn’t go back to sleep till after dawn. I woke up sometime around 9ish and I stayed awake but in bed till 1130 or so. I had no half and half so coffee wasn’t a reason for me to get up. I never made it to the store yesterday. I did get up and used my sister’s creamer, which was gross. I only drank half of my cup. I cleared the sink and loaded the dishwasher with some stuff. I kept on having to sit down. I needed a shower and I wanted to shave myself as it has been a while. But I just couldn’t get the fricken energy. Then when I did, my niece said she was going to shower. Ugh.

I waited my turn. I then went into the bathroom and groomed myself. I forgot to trim my beard so I will do that tomorrow. I showered and I found while shaving my armpits that because of scar tissue, I can’t raise my arm up all the way. I hope it goes away in time.

I had to rest after I showered. I just wore a towel around me so I just put on the bare minimum when I was in my room. I wanted to go to the store so I can make a decent cup of coffee. I checked the schedule and the bus was on its way in a few minutes so I wasn’t going to make that one but I could make the one that would in fifteen minutes. I got dressed and grabbed a reusable bag. As I walked to the bus stop, my ankles were hurting and my calves were cramping. Not a good sign as I needed to walk about the same distance from the bus stop where the store was and back. I sat for only a few minutes on the bus before my stop came up. It is a short distance by bus but walking is much longer. I used to be able to walk the distance but no more. I went to the store and I was already tired. Soon as I walked in I knew I was in trouble as what I needed was at the other end of the store and in the back. I grabbed a bottle of water as I was thirsty and headed to where the half and half. Because of Covid, the store had taken out the benches for sitting. I had to walk to the bus stop and sat for a little bit before the next bus came. I also grabbed a new Gatorade thing with electrolytes in it. I drank it as I walked to the bus stop.

I came home and was completely spent. I put away the half and half and then went up to my room to rest. I laid down but didn’t sleep. I was soaked with sweat and I know I am going to have to shower again tomorrow. I got hungry and made dinner and a cup of coffee. I needed some caffeine badly. I was used to at least two cups of coffee and I only had half so far.

Tomorrow I need to go to the insurance place to sign some stuff for the house. I got to order my groceries and place an Amazon order. I don’t have much going on this week. I had therapy yesterday. It went ok. Game isn’t on till late. I probably will be asleep before it starts. I am really tired.

any thoughts?

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