No sleep again last night

I woke up around 2am and didn’t fall back to sleep. I had to get up at 8 so I didn’t want to fall asleep so got up around 7. Had my 1st cup of coffee. Did the business with my sisters and then went to bed as I was starting to feel dizzy from lack of sleep. I ordered my groceries and stuff and laid down. Stupid phone kept going off so I couldn’t really rest. Then when I did doze off my phone rang. Ugh. I got up.

I had more coffee. Don’t know what happened to my mug so got another favorite out of the cabinet. Then I ordered pupusas from my favorite Spanish restaurant. I got some for my niece too as she loves them.

Game is on late again tonight. They lost the last two games. I am not happy. But the crummy pitcher is now been moved to the bullpen. Thank God he is out of the rotation. He sucks.

It’s nice today with Temps in the 70s. It was cold this morning when I left the house. I might go out Fri to return the library book I borrowed. I know Sat I booked a time with my barber. I think it is at 1130 but I don’t remember. It’s the holiday weekend. Anniversary of my uncle’s passing is next week. Can’t believe it has been a year already. He is buried next to my mother. I miss her so much. Yesterday I was feeling so down. Today it is a little better. Just wish I wasn’t so damn tired.

any thoughts?

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