grocery deliver day and other things

Grocery delivery day and other things

I was home alone when my delivery came. I had to bring all the stuff in the house and up the stairs. I left the water downstairs. Someone else can bring that up when they come home. I am still trying to figure out how to place my Gatorade bottles. I brought up a bag and a gallon of water. I will be bringing up a bag every time I go back downstairs.

I had a nice cold cut sandwich. The Virginia ham was sliced thick. I hate when it is thick. I also made an iced tea. I haven’t had a cup in so long. My legs are killing me and my chest is throbbing for some reason. I need to rest, maybe nap. I slept through the night finally. I woke up before my alarm sounded. I wanted to get up around 9 but I didn’t. I got up an hour later and then had two cups of coffee.

It’s so much cooler today than it was yesterday. The wind is making it feel colder than what it is. Pride is starting next week and I want to hang a trans flag in my room or the pride flag with trans and inclusion on it. I don’t know where to get it without doing a google search. I just checked Amazon and just ordered a flag and a trans t-shirt.

I keep going up and down stairs. I had to use the bathroom so brought up another couple of bags. My legs are killing me. I don’t know how many times I have gone down and up again. It’s a lot. And I still am not done yet. It will get done, if not tonight, then tomorrow.

I am feeling so tired. I hate this. I know I did a lot and I deserve to be tired right now but I just want to lay down and sleep. I got to get my haircut. I might go tomorrow rather than Saturday. I don’t know. My chest is bothering me with nerve pain. My right side is swollen and hard. It hurts when I press on it. I hope it goes away in time.

any thoughts?

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