Taylor is driving me insane

Taylor is driving me insane

One of my Twitter followers is also a swiftie and she posted lyrics of a new Taylor song but I am not able to locate it anywhere. I have no idea where to find it. And I am mad. I just bought a new song today. It is part of her Midnights album. I didn’t buy the album just the song. I already have two versions of this album. I didn’t need a third. Another swiftie posted the song on Twitter and OMG. I am in love with this song!! I need to have it!!

My barber texted me saying he isn’t going to be in tomorrow so I got my haircut today. I returned the library book and then went to Starbucks for my mocha and a grilled cheese sandwich. It was a lot of walking. My knee was hurting me when I woke up today. I think I might have done something to it when I fell a few weeks ago. I need to take a shower to get the hairs off my head. Plus I have been sweating so I smell. UGH. I hate showering so much.

I have been hit with grief a few times today. I have been thinking about my mother. My heart is aching so much. I’ve been listening to Taylor most of the day. I got her new song Hits differently. It is a good song. Not as powerful as the other one that I am unable to get right now. I might go to the cemetery this weekend. I am not sure how I am going to get there. It is quite a walk to my mother’s grave as it is on the other end of the cemetery. I am not sure where the bus stop is though.

I just took my night meds. I am going to try and stay awake until the game starts but it is doubtful as I am so fricken tired. My allergies are making me miserable. I just want to sleep.

any thoughts?

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