Just writing with no purpose

Sorry I haven’t been writing past few days. I’ve been meaning to, just have been overwhelmed with my sister moving in and feeling crappy both physically and emotionally. I was hoping to continue writing but it is so hard right now.

I’ve literally been in bed all day. Haven’t left my room except to pee. Haven’t eaten anything but a protein bar. Kind of hungry now but don’t want to go downstairs and risk waking up my sis or nephew. Wish I had another protein bar. I am out.

My bad mood has really increased my thoughts and wanting to put my plan in motion. I stupidly told my psych I wasn’t going to see her this week because there is no point. Now she wants me to page her tomorrow to talk about it. Fuck. I am not happy about this. I really think this is a set up.

I am supposed to meet with the social worker next Monday. I might cancel that one. I don’t think she will give me too much trouble if I cancel. I still don’t know why I see her when there is nothing she can do right now for me. She is willing to be a support so that is something.

Android just rolled out it’s new OS (operating system) called PIE. I installed it on my other phone. It doesn’t seem that different but I have a lot more apps on this phone that. could get messed up. I really don’t want my Twitter app updated because the algorithm sucks ass. You know have every like and retweet on ALL the people you follow. And there is no linear posts either. So I might have a post that is 1 minute old and then next 2 days. I only updated it on other phone. I hate it. I just don’t want PIE to make me update.

Going to try and sleep again. Hopefully foot won’t be a bastard.

any thoughts?

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