I’ve been having another difficult day after having a sleepless night. I missed PT because I overslept. The alarm went off and I fell back to sleep, the old, i will be up in 5 minutes turns into 2 hours deal. After i emailed my PT to apologize, i went back to sleep.

I realized last night after talking with my psych that i am a people pleaser. I really thought I was done with that but apparently I am not. So to please my psych and a few close friends, I will be going to the hosp tomorrow morning. I need to leave before my sister is up, which I didn’t ask when she will be up as she got suspicious when I asked her what time she leaves work. I could go after she leaves but I don’t want to run into my brother in law or other sister when I do. I will try and leave my house around 445 and just wait 45 mins for the bus. Just hope it isn’t going to be a freaking cold morning. Wish I had cab fare but Starbucks doesn’t open till 530 so I rather wait. I got to give my shot of T before I leave.

The therapist coordinator called today. Talk about bad timing. If the therapist had openings the end of the week I probably would be able to see her but she doesn’t. I am not planning on staying longer than 6-7 days. I might get discharged sooner. Not sure. Depends on how it goes.

I am hoping to have battery to post tomorrow but if I don’t I guess missing one day of the month won’t be bad. Just hope I remember every thing I plan on taking. I will be missing my niece’s graduation party. I feel bad about that. Oh well.

I got to call my psych tonight to talk. I sent her an email this morning before I crashed. I didn’t get a response. I will ask her if she found out about the pain med situation. Just hope I don’t miss getting my meds. Not sure about my night meds, esp my pain meds. Maybe I can take it before I get transferred to the hosp. I figure I am going to be there all day, even though i plan on getting there between 630/700. I got to have my espresso before i go in. I won’t be having any coffee while there. My own caffeination will be from tea, which isn’t the same thing. Might bring some of my orange tea with me so I can have it. Hosp usually has chamomile.

any thoughts?

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