Therapy and Twitter gone to shit

I honestly don’t know how to take my therapy anymore. I am so very suicidal and my therapist is not being helpful. frankly I just want to be done with it as I just am going to die anyways so why the fuck bother. as I am suicidologist I am trying to do the work outside of therapy to find some hope that I can hang on to. and also to share things with my therapist so she can try and help me. it is just overwhelming me because I know how to get out of this but my therapist doesn’t and no pun intended, it is killing me. why pay for therapy if I am just going to do it on my own anyways. what is the point of it all. I just don’t see it.


A bill was passed in Iowa today banning female trans kids from performing in sports. A Florida high school kid got suspended indefinitely because he handed out pride flags at a protest for the “don’t say Gay” ban. And parents are being hunted down for affirming their transgender child. I can’t take it anymore so I am off Twitter for the night. I will read my book. I’d like to finish it by this weekend anyway and start the Brief CBT book I just bought.


I didn’t sleep well again last night. I woke up around midnight in pain and found it difficult to sleep. I was up every 3 hours or so. Was a really bad night.

7 thoughts on “Therapy and Twitter gone to shit

  1. Well that’s a pure waste of time of your time I mean I mean you shouldn’t have to teach her that’s just not cool I’m sorry she’s not being more receptive


  2. I’m so sorry your therapist doesn’t help. Does she read what you give her or suggest to her to read? It does seem pointless if she’s not helpful. Love to you my friend. Xoxo


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