Lazy Friday on a cold day

Brown bulldog puppy yawning

I had a rough night. I woke up with my throat burning from acid in my stomach. It wasn’t until I took some Mylanta that the pain settled down and I was able to swallow without it hurting so much. All I had was avocado toast and buttermilk pancakes. I didn’t have coffee today but had a mocha latte thing that I bought. It was pretty good and it the sweet spot.

I slept all morning. I shut my ringer off and slept better. My mother called me just as I was waking up. She wanted me to put some cream on her back as it was hurting. It is a hemp cream. She has been doing laundry all morning. The washing machine is pretty steep so even I had trouble getting clothes out of it. I folded towels for her.

I am so tired. Not really doing anything today. Going to read my book. Have 4 chapters left so I could finish it this weekend if I put some time in it. I read a dull chapter about memories and it was a real struggle to keep reading it. Just was saying the same thing but in different ways.

I had a spinach salad for lunch. Also had some fig newtons. One of my favorite kinds of cookies. My mother’s too. She had already opened the package. Debating on taking a nap. Chicken is in the fridge so looks like my mother is going to make it for dinner. I don’t feel like cooking. I had ordered Brie with my groceries and it wasn’t delivered. I was really looking forward to a turkey wrap with it. I have to go to the grocery store next week to get half and half so will pick some up when I go.

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