Easter 2020

Happy Easter and Passover to those that celebrate it. I had a good day despite going to bed at 6 am. My mother called me around dinner time (1430). Woke me from a dead sleep. Then I rushed to brush my teeth and look somewhat presentable. I didn’t have time to shower. The pharmacy closed early today so I wasn’t able to get my antibiotics. I really need to start it as my urine stinks and I still have pain when I void on my own, usually because the urge is so damn strong. After dinner I was exhausted so took a nap. I slept though my med alarm or I shut it off but didn’t take my meds until I woke up from my nap. Now I am awake.

I’ve been trying to go back to sleep but my bowels are awake and I keep having to go to the bathroom. Every time I come back upstairs I am winded. My heart rate goes berserk and I get short of breath. I know it is because I am recovering from surgery. Can’t wait for this to go away. I hate being out of shape. My back is killing me. Hope my trips to the bathroom are done.

I set up another zoom meeting with my family. It has been good catching up with everyone. I’ve been trying to get one cousin in chat but she hasn’t responded. I am going to message her via FB and see if she has been getting my emails. It is possible I have the wrong email address.

I had been wearing a compression sock for most of the day. It really helped quiet the pain last night. Pain has been a 2 most of the day with it on. Now that I have it off, pain is slowly creeping back up. Hope I get to sleep soon before it become unmanageable. I don’t want a repeat of last night. I have therapy at 10 so I need to be up by 9. I want to have coffee. I might get coffee from my sister’s Keurig. I need to buy some K-cups for the Keurig my other sister has. It is an older model and is slow as shit. Take like 5 mins to brew a cup and then takes forever fill the cup. I want to get the model my baby sister has as it is fast and there are different sizes for larger cups. I like a big cup of coffee in the morning.

any thoughts?

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