Sleepy Sunday

Sleepy Sunday

I have been sleeping most of today. It has been too hot to do anything. I had my brother in law pick up my meds at the pharmacy. I didn’t feel like walking in the heat. I slept in four hour increments last night, both time broken up because I had to pee.

One of my Twitter buddies sent me stickers as a promo for her book that is coming out I think next month. I can’t wait to get it. Then my transgender stickers came today from Amazon. I am going to have fun with these, putting them on everything.

I bought a new pillow and omg it is so comfortable. I fall asleep so fast on it. I really love it. I didn’t make any headway in clearing off my bed today. I was too tired from being up in the middle of the night. I started writing in my journal around 5 to calm down so I could sleep. Writing usually helps me get back to sleep during the night.

any thoughts?

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