Saturday Blog 05062021

Saturday Blog 05062021

I watched a dear friend’s grandfather get his diploma on zoom. It was wonderful to see his family again. I really miss them. I also spent time with my aunt who I consider family because she has been there growing up. She was being respectful of my pronouns and calling me my name. I love her for this.

I took a walk to the pharmacy today. I have taken a short walk all week. The weather has been beautiful but muggy and hot. We had a downpour yesterday but I was able to beat it out. I don’t think there is rain in the forecast until next week, though with the temps being supposedly 94 tomorrow there might be a thunderstorm if the humidity gets high enough. I should have looked at when my T could be refilled. I have to make sure I have at least two vials on hand because of the increased dose. I am going to go for bloodwork next week. I have been putting it off for some time now.

I finally got a name for my book. I am going to try and work on it tomorrow. I still wish I could go to a Starbucks and just sit and write while having a latte. I really miss going there. I miss walking around without getting winded too. I was so winded when I came back from the pharmacy. Took a little while for me to catch my breath again.

I took a four hour nap and now I am awake at 2300. I just took my night meds. I heard the alarm go off and said 5 more minutes but that turned into 3 hours. I had to pee. For the first time in a week the urgency wasn’t powerful but the flow was kind of hesitant so I think the antibiotics are working. I haven’t taken pyridium today. I wanted to see if I still hurt and if the urge was uncontrollable. House is hotter than an oven. I don’t get how my mother can stand it with her heart condition. Tomorrow is supposed to be 94, even hotter than today. I hate summer. I cannot stand heat. It drives me crazy.

I got no plans for tomorrow other than picking up my T. I am going to try and clear off my bed so I can change my sheets. I got to see if one of my sets is where I think it is. The other one I have out has been worn thin. It didn’t last very long. My PT said that I can use just a sheet instead of a fitted sheet but I don’t think I could take making my bed every day with that business. Bad enough the foam topping has come off so half of it took my sheets with them and left my mattress uncovered. I can’t stand looking at it but it’s hard to put it back to where it goes.

any thoughts?

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