a nice day for being tired

A nice day for being tired

Weather was beautiful out today and I was out for most of it. I went out this morning for PT. PT thought I have a tight muscle that is causing the pain but she did feel some swelling and didn’t know what that could be from. She encouraged me to keep my urgent care appointment. I made it for the afternoon as they didn’t have any morning available. I didn’t sleep well again last night so when I came home from PT I took some pain meds and tried to sleep. I failed as I was afraid I would blow off my appointment and stay in bed.

I had two cups of coffee and I was still tired. The urgent care place was running behind so I didn’t get seen till two hours after my appointment. My mother called me to tell me she made dinner. She thought I was home. She didn’t see me leave. I didn’t say goodbye either. I was in a mood. I didn’t fee like talking to anyone.

This morning I was so desperate for pain relief I put on some diclofenac gel. It worked and I was able to get about three straight hours of sleep. I am going to put some more on after this blog. I am hurting again with my neck. I am glad it is just muscle and not something more serious.

My PT and I talked about my being short of breath while doing stuff. She said my strength had come back but people with COVID have a hard time recovering their breath. It could be months. I notice it more when I am tired. A day like today left me pretty winded while walking home. I wasn’t even going up inclines or carrying anything heavy. In fact, I wasn’t carrying anything at all on the way home from urgent care. I left my little bag at home.

I did bicep curls with five pound weights. I liked the feel of it so I plan on buying the weight for home so I can try and work out. I would love to get my chest stronger but that might take some time doing, especially with my shoulder pain acting up. I’m glad the diclofenac gel helps the pain. I just got to be careful as my surgery is coming up and I can’t be using it or they will cancel my surgery. I can only use it for the next 8 days only and then I need to stop using it.

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