Saturday Blog 31072021

Saturday Blog 31072021

I’ve been in a blah mood all day. I woke up around 5 to pee and took a little bit to settle down and go back to sleep. I had put diclofenac gel on my shoulder and neck so it wasn’t bothering me. I just feel really ugly. Weather is nice and cool. It is beautiful out but I don’t care. I want to sleep but my foot is acting up.

I was able to shave and shower today. I felt a little better afterwards. My back was cramping but I let the hot water hit me and my neck so it settled down some. I had two cups of coffee today, one right after the other. I was hoping for a third but I don’t think I need it. I am feeling really tired today and don’t feel like doing anything. I have been reading Twitter. I posted some stuff on facebook but never got a response to it. I’ve been staying away from facebook lately because there is someone on there that pisses me off every time I post something. She tries to be supportive but it isn’t supportive. Just gaslighting if you ask me.

I was hoping I would wake up after the shower but it didn’t happen. Sox are playing an hour earlier tonight against the Rays. They lost last night. I didn’t really pay much attention to them as I went to bed early. I plan on doing the same tonight. I just feel really down. Nothing happened to make me feel this way. Guess the depression is having one of its days.

any thoughts?

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