Sunday Blog 01082021

Sunday blog 01082021

I can’t believe it is August already. I will have my surgery in sixteen days. I can’t wait to have it because I have been having cramps the past few days and again I don’t know if they are bladder or uterine. My urge to pee has been great today so I haven’t cathed at all. It still hurts to go though. I thought a month of cathing would help and I was wrong. I am glad I haven’t got an infection. I have been careful. If I don’t get it on the first try, I will use another catheter. I have plenty so I don’t have to worry about running out. I just got my new supply order so I am set for the month.

I haven’t done anything today. I had my two cups of coffee and then my mother came into the kitchen to take her blood sugar and it was low. I gave her some juice and stayed with her as she made a sandwich. I told her not to take her insulin. She can skip a dose. After she ate and had juice her sugar went up to 105. I still told her not to take her insulin. It wasn’t high enough. For some reason her continuous glucose monitor and blood meter had different results, by forty points. She feels ok so that is the main thing. I’ll have her call her doctor tomorrow to find out why there is such discrepancy.

I have been sleeping with my new pillow and I haven’t been waking up in pain since using it. My neck still feels tight but it isn’t painful like it was. My back is aching. The weather has been cool so I don’t know why my back has been acting up. I should try the tennis ball to get the knots out.

I have another slow week appointment wise. I just have therapy and PT. I am going to try and go to Starbucks one of the days and hope I don’t get anxiety like I did before. It will be good to go out. Just hope I don’t have the sleepiness that I have been having lately. I have had to take a nap in the afternoon or early evening. It has been interfering with watching my games. Last night the Sox lost their third game in a row. I hope they will win tonight. Pivetta is on the mound and has been pretty good.

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