Downpouring rain

Today was downpouring rain all day. I didn’t go to my eye appt. I didn’t want to be walking and traveling in the rain. I got up late. I wasn’t in the mood for coffee but I made it anyway. I drank a quarter of it and threw away the rest. It has been wicked cold and my CRPS foot has been ice all day. I finally put socks on.

Therapy was a disaster. I talked maybe for fifteen minutes and the rest of the time I was silent. I just couldn’t talk. Nothing was coming to me. It was the most painful session I’ve ever had. I see her next week. I think she wanted me to see her again this week but I couldn’t go through another session like this.

My back went out on me twice today. Both times I was on the toilet. It was hard to cath. I’ve been taking pain meds and ibuprofen to deal. It has helped some but I am still hurting if I move a certain way. My therapist said it was the curse of being in your 40’s. I’ve had back issues since I was a kid so I don’t think that is the case for me.

Sox won yesterday so they advance to the Wild Card game, a one game win or go home elimination game. We play the snakes so should be interesting. I am excited about it. It is keeping me interested in something. I don’t know what I will do when baseball ends. I think I will just get more depressed.

I forgot to mention yesterday was my T anniversary. I have been on Testosterone for three years now. I am happy with the changes but will be more so once I get top surgery. I am getting there. I just need to lose weight. It has been hard past few days to be motivated about eating good. I’ve just been having cereal. Better than not having anything.

any thoughts?

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