insomnia strikes again and I’m exhausted

Insomnia strikes again and I am exhausted

Insomnia hit. I didn’t go to bed till around 0700. I slept for an hour before I woke up to pee. Took my morning meds and then went back to sleep for a few hours. I then had some coffee and a Belvita biscuit before heading off to the grocery store to finish getting my ingredients. I forgot to buy onions that were premade. But my mother had a chopper thing so I was able to dice them up. I had place an order on Amazon Fresh for some ingredients and milk for my mother as I was going to have difficulty carrying a gallon of milk home on the bus.

I tried to nap when I came home from the grocery store but I couldn’t sleep. Then it was dinner time and my mother made fish. I made a spinach salad and had that and the fish and potatoes that she made. I then got an alert that my amazon was shipped so I started cooking. I just got finished now. I am totally exhausted. I just hope I can sleep tonight and not wake up at midnight again. I have to leave the house around 1030 tomorrow to be at the barber’s shop by 1130. I have to look at the schedule as I don’t know what time the bus will be here. I was going to let my hair grow but I am going to get a bald cut again as my friend in South Africa wife has leukemia. Poor woman battled through breast cancer and now she has this.

I am going to take my night meds and go to bed. I won’t be doing any reading today. I am so fricken exhausted. I found out today that if you pay $12K to Switzerland, you can die an assisted death. I am going to start saving my money.

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