4700 Steps

4700 steps

I woke up around 1230 feeling hungry so I had something to eat. Then I stayed up for a bit and the next thing I knew I wasn’t tired anymore. The pain flare caused insomnia. I was up half the night. I waited until my check came in my bank account and then I started paying bills. I am now broke. I half didn’t want to go into Boston today so I tried to change my appointment to virtual but I didn’t get through on the phone so I said fuck it and caught the next bus out to the station.

The appointment was good. I got the medication I wanted and I asked her about the CRPS and bone scan and she said to contact my neuro about it. So I did while I was waiting for the train to come. I had walked to Whole Foods to get some spices that I need for a dish I am making for my barber. He told me last night that his sister died that day. I feel so bad for him. So I am making his favorite dish to help cheer him up some. I did a lot of walking after my appointment.

After my appointment, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds. There was a line and people can be so damn stupid about their meds. It just annoys me when they go and they want to pick up but it isn’t ready because there are no refills left. I hear it over and over again every time I am in line. Just drives me crazy. My meds were ready by the time I was called to the register. I only had to pay for one of the meds. I finally met my $300 deductible so now I don’t have to pay for my meds the rest of the year.


I started the blog yesterday but didn’t finish it because I was tired. It is raining today and I am aching. I also just want to stay in bed and sleep. I saw my psychiatrist. Things are going well. He was my last appointment for the week. I am now free.

Because today is raining, I plan on going to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up the ingredients I need for the dish I plan on making. I just hope I have enough energy to make it. There is a chance it could rain tomorrow too but I am hoping to avoid it. I will take a cab home if I need to.

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