Rant rage Wednesday 30032022

A friend on twitter has this rage Wednesday every week. I usually don’t participate because nothing (other than pain) bothers me. Today I was thinking how it has been 10 years since I’ve been permanently disabled and I am still in horrific pain. And now that pain is spreading up my leg, which has made me very depressed.

I bought a TENS unit. Found out you have to have two pad plugged in not one. Well I had it on the highest setting because I didn’t know what I was doing and shocked the hell out of my calf muscles. I put it on a lower setting and had it on for a few minutes. But the damage to my left was enough to activate CRPS in my ankle/foot so now I am in agony. I took a pain med and slept for an hour before my bladder woke me up.

It took 8 years to be diagnosed and 9 years to be on adequate pain meds. I am still undertreated with my pain. I think I should be on a higher dose of pain meds but no one else agrees with me. I’ve stopped complaining because I don’t want them to stop prescribing me pain meds. I don’t have too much side effects. Constipation is a big one but I am on other meds that that cause constipation too. I take 3 meds for it. One is not really a med but a supplement. I have to stay on top of it because I’ve learned that if I don’t, I don’t go for days to week.

I didn’t have a good sleep. I was up most of the night again. Seems every other night I have insomnia. I am glad I don’t have anything planned today. I wanted to clear off my bed and change my sheets but that might be tomorrow. I am cold and tired. I just want to be under the covers. I don’t care if I sleep or not. I just want to be warm.

My mother’s sugar dropped so I had to make her lunch. I made sure she was ok before I went upstairs. Her back hurts and she was doing laundry. A good combo for sugar to drop. She is ok now. I am glad she called me.

Tonight we will be celebrating my bro in law’s birthday. Should be fun. He usually has a rum cake. It is so good. I am looking forward to it.

One thought on “Rant rage Wednesday 30032022

  1. I really don’t know how you manage, being in constant pain, I’d be a very bad patient. I am not good with pain. I guess you sorta have to be when its chronic. xx


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