Saturday Blog 09042022

Saturday Blog 09042022

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I woke up around midnight to pee and then it was all over. I couldn’t go back to sleep. Around 6, I was dozing here and there but every time I laid down, I would stay for a few minutes and then something would cause me to get up again. I had turned my phone off so I could sleep. I didn’t get to sleep until I took some Benadryl and slept for a solid four hours. Thank god I had my phone off as my mother called me. I would have been so pissed if she woke me up.

I have to measure my urine so been doing so. My first cath was around 300. Then just now I measured and it was 600. I had a lot of water today. My only caffeine was coffee at like 6 when I was hoping it would sedate me. It didn’t. Figures. Someone has been in my Girl Scout cookies. I am missing a box and when I went to the kitchen, I found an unopened sleeve of cookies. I hid them and ate the ones I got with my coffee. For some reason I had the worse heartburn. I don’t know why acid kept coming up with the coffee. It was so bad it came through my nose. Man did that burn. I wasn’t sure if I took my Prevacid so I took another one and that settled things down finally. I looked on my bed to see if the pill had escaped but I didn’t see it. I probably will find it when I am not looking for it.

A friend of mine who is a pediatric resident interpreted the Holter monitor report for me. She said that it was a good thing. I was grateful for what she told me because I was worried I would have to see a cardiologist next and be on more medication. I seem to be fine with the labetalol so I think I don’t have to be on another medication.

My lower leg is still hurting me. I had maxed out on my pain meds so needed to wait before I could take more. I got to refill my pain meds next week. I am going to see if my doc can do both at the same time. I hate waiting a week in between but really the IR med can be refilled as it isn’t a true 30 day supply medication. It is written as less than that so technically, I can get it refilled after the 10 days or so that it is written for. I hope so anyways. Saves me a trip to the pharmacy. Tomorrow I refill my med boxes. I am going to see if I have a smaller bottle for the new uro meds so I can keep it by my bedside as I need to take an evening dose before bedtime. I also got to plan my meals so that I can take the second pill with a large meal. I plan on just having a pot pie or a frozen dinner. Tonight I had a yogurt with some toast for supper. It was all that I wanted. My mother had called to tell me my sister made some chicken but I wasn’t in the mood for it.

My eyes keep tearing up. I don’t know why. My allergies aren’t too bad because I took the Benadryl. I had cleared off my bed last week to change my sheets. All that needed to be done was to clear my office but I haven’t had the energy to do it. I have just been so tired because the insomnia has really interfered with sleeping. I am sleeping during the day to try and get some decent sleep rather than be up for 20 hours. I had a solid four hour sleep but I need some more as I am still tired. I just checked the Sox score. They are tied at 2 in the 5th. It is the second game of the season but they are playing the Skankees and I want them to beat their ass.

I keep thinking today is Sunday. Hate when my sleep is so disturbed. Monday I really need to go to the post office as I didn’t go today to drop off the package for my friend. I had tried to get a pick up but I am so close to the nearest post office that it didn’t allow it. I might go to the one in the Square so I can get Starbucks as a reward for doing the errand. People are starting to sit in there so maybe I can bring a book with me and spend some hours reading the BCBT book so I can finish it. I am almost done with it. I think I have like six chapters left. I think the next book I am going to read is “On Juneteenth”. What kind of bothers me about this day is that slaves in Texas were freed due to the Emancipation Proclamation but the Army came AFTER the 13th Amendment was approved, which abolished slavery. That is why I don’t understand what they are celebrating exactly. Maybe the book can explain it for me and I won’t be confused.

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  1. sorry the insomnia is bad, I can relate, as mine is too lately. I feel as if tonight will just be another one of those sleepless nights. I am on my recliner now with my laptop. xo


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