uro appt and other things

Uro appointment and other things

I had urodynamic testing done. I was at the hospital for at least two hours. Nothing has changed really. I still have a dysfunctional bladder. The uro is new so he took me off all my uro meds and put me on the ones I used to take. I am only on two now. I see him virtually in two months to see how it is going. I am to measure my urine to get some data as to how much I am outputting.  That is going to be fun. For the first time ever, I was able to void after the test with no residual urine in my bladder. One of the uro meds I need to take three times a day on an empty stomach. The other I need to take with a full meal, which is usually my dinner. I am too tired today to make the med changes. I might wait till Sunday when I fill my med boxes for the week.

I got my holter monitor results today. I went into sinus tachycardia and sinus arrythmia. I don’t know what this means. My pcp won’t be back until Mon so I hope she calls me to let me know.

I am wicked tired. Legs are killing me. Ankle and shoulder are painful. I did a lot of walking today. I took an Uber into Boston as I didn’t want to deal with the T the first leg of the day. I had canceled donating blood because I knew I would be tired from the appointment and I was right. On the way home my sister sent me a text message and now she is gaslighting me asking why I am always giving her shit and she is “never in my way”. She doesn’t believe I am disabled because some therapist told her I could do things. I have no idea who she spoke to. The only therapist she ever spoke to was when I was in the hospital and we had a conference call. HOSPITAL because I was depressed and suicidal. I don’t think she told her I could do “everything”. As it is, I can barely take care of myself. Just making dinner for myself and my mother killed me. I am so exhausted it isn’t funny. Course this is the same sister that refuses to use the correct pronouns for me.

Red Sox Opening day was today. Unfortunately, they lost to the Skankees in the Bronx. I listened from the 7th inning on, as soon as I came home from my appointment. I love that baseball season is back. Just hope I will be able to listen to the night games without falling asleep. That is going to be so hard because I have gotten used to being in bed before 10p. I had Starbucks after my appointment today. Four shots of espresso. I think that is one reason why I haven’t crashed yet. I just took my night meds so I probably will be asleep soon. I might do some reading as I haven’t done it in a while. Been too depressed.

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