that’s my life

That’s my life

I made dinner and then after I emptied my bladder, I brushed my teeth. My back is broken. I hurt so much. I didn’t do anything else today. I got up kind of later than I wanted to. I went to the chronic pain group. They talked about pets today. It was a good discussion. Only made me wish I could have a pet more. I have been feeling like shit the whole day. I just can’t seem to get moving.

Tomorrow I have a lot of walking to do. I have a blood draw scheduled for a study and it is at the end of the building on the MGH campus. It is a long walk to get there. It tires me out. Then I need to go to the lab to drop off a urine sample that my doc wants. That is at the entrance to the building. Depending on how I get up tomorrow morning I might get the urine test done before the blood draw. I wish I had a scooter to get around in. I didn’t drink that much fluid today. I still have time to drink some stuff so my veins will be easier to draw tomorrow. I am a hard stick and there is a medical assistant that always ends up drawing me rather than the research assistant.

I made an appointment for an echocardiogram that my doc wants. The earliest I could be seen was in Sept. I had therapy yesterday. We talked about things that go in the survival kit. I made a list. I will probably get to it the end of this week. Arlo the bulldog will be in there. I will print out the pics of him. He makes me happy. I was in a tired state when we were meeting. She asked what to do and I said ask three questions. I can’t focus or come up with things to talk about when my brain is mush.

My foot is throbbing so bad and is burning. I haven’t taken gaba for it because I want to catch a few innings of the ballgame tonight with a somewhat awake brain. We are playing the BlueJays today. Just hope Nate is nasty tonight so we have a chance to win. We lost yesterday.

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