horrible night sleeping

Horrible night sleeping

As predicted, I had a bad night sleeping. I couldn’t get comfortable and I was in a lot of pain every where. I took some ibuprofen and Tylenol and when that didn’t work, I used my BT meds. I also used my muscle relaxant to try and get some sleep but it was no use, my muscles were just hurting too bad. Then this morning I shut my phone off only for my mother to call me to go downstairs to help her get her sneakers on for her appointment. I tried to get another hour or so but I didn’t sleep. I just laid there.

As my urine test orders are going to expire next week, I sent a request for it to be renewed and I got the bitch nurse that likes to pass things off. She said I should get it through uro. I said uro wants my pcp to do it otherwise I wouldn’t have sent the message! I just tried to call cardiology for an appointment and had to leave a voicemail as the line was busy. Before I laid down to try and sleep again, I tried the office and got through. I have an appointment with a cardiologist/electrophysiologist May 10th and it is virtually so I don’t have to go anywhere.

I got up and had some coffee. I made some pancakes, had a yogurt, and some shortbread girl scout cookies. That’s all I wanted to eat. I have to finish up the yogurt today as it expires soon. I really love the Greek Chobani black cherry. It is the better one I think out of the other flavors.

I am still waiting for the pharmacy to fill my meds. It is in process. If I don’t get the text by 1pm I will call them and see what is up. I hope there isn’t a problem filling my ER pain meds because I run out on Sunday. I had to call them to get the ball rolling. I will pick up all my meds tomorrow.

I slept most of the afternoon until my fricken mother woke me up. She wanted me to come down with my phone for some reason. I wasn’t going anywhere. I knew I was going to have a rough night but I didn’t think it was going to be so damn difficult to sleep during the day. I am usually able to sleep, especially when no one is home. I just couldn’t get comfortable. My legs still hurt. My heel is feeling a little better but hurts when I walk on it. My upper body still hurt. Carrying the groceries really did a number on me.

I haven’t done any therapy work and I don’t think I will till tomorrow. I do have to say that this new uro medication combination is working. I haven’t had bladder pain since starting it. I also have been voiding more. It sometimes hurts, especially to get the last drops of urine out of my bladder. But so far it doesn’t look like I have an infection. I am still waiting for the urine culture to come back. It might come back tomorrow. My pain panel came back negative. It didn’t pick up on the medication I take, and that worries me. There was not that many things on the panel. Oh well.

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