Saturday Blog 23042022

Saturday Blog 23042022

I slept but kept waking up every couple of hours. I was in a lot of pain with my shoulder so I had to sit up and move it around a bit before the pain would ease. I just had something to eat and my coffee. I had the Spring blend today. It was fitting as the weather is warm. My mother is freezing. I have to admit the house is a bit cool but it isn’t cold. Has to be her old age.

I’m just going to rest today. I don’t plan on doing anything. I am too tired to do anything. I am glad my therapy appointment on Monday is at 1 and not noon. Gives me more time to sleep. I still have three chapters left in the BCBT book. I will read a chapter later today. I don’t want to do anything but rest right now.

Next door neighbors are playing their music. I don’t know what nationality they are. One Christmas they brought over a flan that was excellent. It was really good.

I have to brush my teeth some time today. I didn’t do it yesterday because I was so out of it. My legs hurt so much today that I don’t think I will be able to shower. I am glad my niece went to the pharmacy for me. She was quick. I now have my diclofenac gel that I can put on my heel that hurts so bad. I hope it helps. I am really constipated. I need to take Miralax but I don’t have a clean cup in my room. I keep meaning to grab one but always seem to forget.

I am dying for pizza so going to order it for dinner. Right now I am going to nap as I am falling asleep. Later my dudes.

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