dentist and other things

Dentist and other things

I woke up at 6 to pee and then I went back to sleep as I didn’t want to get up. My med alarm went off and then I slowly got up. I got dressed as I had to go to the dentist. I gathered my things but I couldn’t find my wallet or set of keys. I don’t remember where I put them. They weren’t on my bed like I thought it would be. I checked my jacket but I just found my other set of keys. I just grabbed it so I could get back in the house.

I went down to the kitchen and had two cups of coffee. I didn’t want to eat anything because I didn’t want food in my teeth. My sister drove me up the street because there was no way I could do the hill. I didn’t wait too long in the office. The dental assistant said that it was my baby tooth. I thought the tooth next to the one I apparently chipped was the baby. So the only solution it to pull it, have a space, or get a dental implant. I am checking with my insurance to see how much it will cost. I also set up an appointment to get my teeth cleaned.

My pcp ordered another pain management panel on me to check for my pain med. It again didn’t show up on the screen. It was the same test as the one I had last month. She is in South Dakota on an Indian Reservation. She is gone for two weeks. I am taking the gabapentin at a higher dose and taking it during the day. I haven’t noticed any change in my pain. I haven’t been taking the BT med unless the pain is greater than an 8. The tough part is remembering what time I took it. I am notorious for forgetting to note the time I take the pill.

It is a very nice cool day. My room has finally cooled off. It is still not where I want it to be (below 70) but it is getting there. I don’t know what I am going to do this weekend as the temps are going to be in the 90s. I am going to die. I just barely managed temps in the 80s. I don’t know when I will get the AC once I buy it on Tues. Some bills are not going to get paid this month because I need the AC. That is top priority.

I am having my third cup of coffee. I put too much sugar in it. But it is ok. Ativan is making me so tired. I might need to take a nap on my sister’s couch. It is too hot in my apartment because we have to close the door so the plastic sheeting isn’t blowing around. The workers are sanding today. Gonna be a big mess. I just hope today is the last day but I don’t think so.

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