new skill and in a bad mood

New skill and in a bad mood

I woke up several times between 130a and 230a. I had woken up at 2 to pee. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I wrote in my journal and was finally able to doze off but I was up every fricken hour after that. I took my morning meds at 7 and then stayed in bed. I wasn’t going to spend another fucking day with my mother so I stayed in my room when the workers came. Or rather one worker, anyway. He is painting still. I had breakfast and coffee. After I finished, I made another cup of coffee while I was reading Twitter.

I need to shower today. I think I am going to try and trim my beard a little bit. It is out growing how I want it to look. If I mess up, I will just go down to a stubble and start over. I have decided not to get a haircut this month. I am going to let my hair grow a bit on top before I start buzzing the sides and back again. I need to brush my teeth too. I did yesterday so I am good. I am trying to make it a routine.

I got a message through my SNAP that I could get $30 off my internet because of President Biden’s plan of having broadband internet to all. Thing is, I need to call to do the process. Fuck. I hate calling. I’ll call on Monday. I am still upset over my pain meds being in flux. I got a message from the nurse that he sent a new request to my doctor but didn’t specify if it was for the remaining pills or for a new script to the different pharmacy that has the pills in stock. So I am waiting again.

Sox won big last night. Bats were hot. The trending guy Trevor Story hit three home runs. I haven’t been impressed with him all season and I still am not. I might be if he continues to hit home runs. My JBJ did so good yesterday. Got a double to score a run then a walk to walk in a run. Two RBIs. I love him. I have to get his pic up. I want an action pic like I have of Eddie, who sadly doesn’t pitch for the Sox anymore. I still love him though and I know he will do great things. He is a good pitcher. Just needs time to develop his skills.

I didn’t take the morning dose of my uro pill. I wanted to see if I still got the intense urge to pee and I still have it. I haven’t been taken the other uro pill because I haven’t been having a solid meal lately. My mother hasn’t been cooking because her back has been bothering her. I put diclofenac gel on her back hoping it will help. We’ll see. Last night I just had a chicken salad sandwich. I had bought Breakstone cottage cheese. The two that I opened tasted really sour. I couldn’t eat it so I tossed it. I have two more in the fridge that I think I am just going to toss. I don’t know why it is sour as the expiration date is in June. I think I will stick with Hood next time. Someone ate my yogurt. I had at least three left and they are gone. Rats. I might make mac and cheese for dinner tonight. I had bought the cauliflower pasta kind. I am looking forward to trying it. Hope it isn’t bad.

Next week I have three appointments. The last one, next Friday, is for ortho. I hope he can do something about my muscle pain. My shoulder is a little bit swollen compared to the other one. I don’t really want a cortisone shot. I still believe they cause more harm than good. I have therapy Mon and I am going to say, could you give me something LONGER than 13 pages of stuff?? The skill she gave me has so many parts to it even though it is just ABC Please. But Please is what is so damn long. The only thing I liked about this skill is it said to think about sex. With testosterone turning me into a hornball, I like this. Maybe I will write more sex stories. I have a few that I am thinking about. They are just fantasies.

I had two cups of coffee back to back and I feel like taking a nap. WTF.  I can’t go to sleep until my doctor’s office figures out what they are going to do about my pain meds. I don’t want it to be at closing time when I get the message. It’s Friday and I really don’t want to wait to Monday for this to work out. I have enough pills for today and tomorrow but that is it. With the humidity and temps being in the 90s this weekend, I am going to be hurting. Right now it is 57 degrees. That will be a 30 degree difference and I always hurt when that happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if my shoulder acts up too. Fuck. I am so nervous. I know it is out of my control. But I would like to know if I need to go to the next town over to get my meds or not. So frustrating.

One thought on “new skill and in a bad mood

  1. hate when its friday and you put a message into the pharmacy, and its almost closing time and you don’t know whether they’ll get back to you or not before the weekend and all. Its really annoying waiting around for answers. Xx


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