tired from doing nothing

Tired from doing nothing

It’s the fourth of July weekend but I don’t feel like celebrating. My cousin invited me over to her house. She is by the beach. But my sister already left for the day. They make is a whole day affair and that is just too much for me. If I had a car, I would just come and go as I wish like I used to. I sometimes miss having a car.

I woke up tired. Slept fairly well last night, waking up only once to pee. I got four goals today. I need to brush my teeth, shower, shave, and do my meds for the week. Hopefully in that order.

I am listening to Hamilton again. I wanted to listen to something historic as today people are celebrating the 4th. I just hope I don’t fall asleep. Sox are playing. They are already down by 1 run. Rookie pitcher is on the mound today.

Seeing as I will have the evening free, I plan on reading a chapter or two of BATA. I don’t see my therapist till Tuesday because tomorrow is a holiday. I have three appointments this week. I just hope the injection helps my arm and I can weight lift again.

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