Did I mention I hate summer??

Did I mention I hate summer?

Omg today is hot and I had to go out to get my meds. It is no longer just a quick down the street walk since I changed pharmacies. I got a frappucino after I got my meds. Starbucks now has paper straws and I hate them. I usually order an iced drink so I can drink without a straw as they now have drinkable lids. But you can’t drink a frapp without a straw. I got their new mocha cookie frapp and it was good. A lot of cookie chunks. I think I would have been happier with my java chip frap that I usually get.

I pretty much slept through the night for the first time in forever. I woke up at 5 but went back to sleep afterwards. I didn’t stay up. I got up around 9 and made coffee. I didn’t eat anything. I went back to my room and called the pharmacy to see when my meds would be ready. Then I laid down and realized I didn’t take my meds yet. Oops. I had to take them with water because I had just brushed my teeth.

My mother had my burger for lunch so now I don’t have dinner. If she had told me, I would have taken the other burgers out and they might have been defrosted by now. Oh well. I will probably have cereal later. I just had the rest of the spinach she made. She also made squash but she put hot stuff in it and my stomach doesn’t like it even if my mouth does.

My pcp’s office called me. Apparently I sent them two copies of the advance directives instead of two different sheets. I had kept the top copies and mailed the bottom ones. Oops. I will mail the correct sheet tomorrow. It will give me something to do. I had to take off my shirt as it was soaking wet with sweat. I hate summer because I sweat so bad. I am just glad it isn’t humid. Tomorrow is supposed to reach 96 degrees. I will hopefully mail the letter in the morning before it gets too hot, but then it was 80 when I was having my coffee.

I am hot and have a headache. I got the AC on the lowest setting but I had it turned off while I was out getting my meds. My room got hot. I only had the spinach and a yogurt to eat. Kitchen is really hot so I don’t want to go back downstairs. I am also tired. My ankle is starting to flare up. Feels like there is a knife right in the joint. I hate this feeling. Totally depresses me. The more I try and walk around the more I hurt. Stairs are still a killer for me. I got stuck today as I got home. I must have went up like 4 steps and my ankle was like nope. No more. Took me a little while to go the rest of the way. All Star game tonight. I might check the scores now and then but don’t plan on paying that much attention to it. I just plan on reading my book.

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