late day for me

Late day for me

I woke up around 2pm and got up. I had woken up a few times during the night and had oatmeal at like 3am because I was hungry. But I didn’t have any bad dreams. It is much to hot to do anything. I had made a burger in the hot kitchen while I had my coffee. It wasn’t my ideal beverage but I needed coffee. As I was cleaning up I noticed a water trail on the counter. I think the 2.5 gal of water is leaking so I put the spout over the sink. Not sure if that is where the water is coming from but just to be safe.

I don’t have anything planned today. I have no appointments. Tomorrow I see my psychiatrist. Hopefully he will have more information for me about ketamine. I also need a refill on Ativan. I am going to ask if he will pick up the prescription for the Pristiq. My neuro was prescribing it but she has left.

I am going to try and shower today. It is way too hot to get dressed in the bathroom so I will just wrap a towel around me and go up to my room. I also need to brush my teeth as I haven’t done so yet. I really want to get back to sleep. I don’t feel like doing anything. I got really depressed last night. Pain was really bad. I had gone to the bathroom and had trouble coming back up to my room. My ankle had said no after a few steps. I hate when it goes out on me. If I ever win the lottery, I want a one level apartment with no stairs.

Today is T shot day. I just remembered so gave myself the shot. I am stocked for the next few shots as my doc gave me three vials. I won’t have to have a refill till Sept or so. I have to go for blood work in a few weeks. I have it in my calendar. I don’t have a lot of appointments in Aug. I had ortho but I canceled it because my shoulder pain has been better since getting the cortisone shots. I haven’t tried weight lifting yet. I have been lazy to get the weights. I also don’t want another thing on my bed. I have to start clearing things off as I want to change my sheets again. Such an ordeal. I don’t know how things accumulate so much.

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